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Traditional Singing Class

Traditional Singing
  (All levels)
Kathy Schneider 11:00

The Traditional Singing class is open for all students, adults and children, interested in singing. The focus will be on learning about and singing traditional Irish songs. You will be given a CD with a number of traditional Irish songs. Some will be with musical accompaniment and some without. Most will be in English, but some will be in Gaelic. There also may be studies of other songs that are influenced by the Irish traditional songs.

The students will learn about the origin of the songs and the artist performing the song on the CD. They will select one or more of the songs for individual practice. There will be singing in the class setting on a voluntary basis. There may also be a song selected for the class to practice as a group. The Instructor and other class members are encouraged to provide comments to help enhance performance by other students.

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