Class Descriptions

Classes are offered based on instructor availability for the current quarter. Please see the current schedule for this quarter's classes, times and instructors.

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Guitar Classes

Guitar I - Standard Tuning
Joel Greenberg 9:00
Guitar II
Susan Monroe 10:00
Guitar III - Drop D Tuning
Susan Monroe 11:00

For all class levels, the focus will be on learning to accompany Irish traditional music. The whole school learns the same tunes by ear, so you will be able to play with others. In addition to class, there are different bands that you are invited to join (no additional fee) at 12:30pm. Going to band will allow you to practice the tunes outside of class with people playing other instruments. Children and adults are in the same classes at both levels. Standard tuning is typically taught in these classes.

This class is for students who have just started on the guitar and the focus will be on learning the guitar chords that accompany most Irish tunes. If you are just starting to play guitar and cannot smoothly change chords, then you should start in the Beginner class. The instructor will be able to let you know when to move up to the Intermediate class. Emphasis will be on learning the chords and applying them to the quarter’s tunes at slower speeds.

Students should register for this class if they can play songs or tunes on the guitar with basic chords in the keys of G, D, E Minor and A minor. The tunes will be practiced at a little faster pace. The focus will be on learning what chords to use to accompany the quarter’s tunes and the strums that can be used for the different types of Irish tunes. Depending on the students registered for the class, Drop D tuning may also be used in this class.

This class is for students who can play Irish tunes at a fast pace and will be taught using Drop D tuning. The focus will be on chords and rhythms that can be used to accompany the quarter’s tunes, along with alternative chords, note runs and patterns that enhance the tunes.

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