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  • If you are the parent of a first time younger student, please contact the class instructor for proper placement before registering your child. Instructor emails are listed on our Contact Page.
  • Riley School requires a Registration/Release Form for students under the age of 18. Please print this form and bring a completed copy with you on the first day of classes.

New Harp Students

If you are a new harp student and you plan to rent a harp, it is essential that you contact us prior to the first day of classes so we can arrange to have your harp ready for you to play.
Please email .

Classes and Syllabus

Classes are held on Saturdays, beginning at 9:00 am at :

Grace United Methodist Church
2221 Slane Avenue
Norwood, OH

Classes are taught on a quarterly basis, with Fall quarter (starting in September) and Winter quarter (starting in January) being 10 weeks long. We typically adjust the Spring quarter (starting in March) to 7 or 8 weeks, with tuition prorated accordingly, so that we finish before Memorial Day. Beginning fiddle students receive 30-min private lessons. Other students attend small group classes and all are encouraged to join one of our ensemble groups which meet immediately following lunch. These include Kids Band, Teen Band, Ceili Band, or Slow GEL for beginners. We also have several adult ensembles which often play at internal or external events.

Please see our Schedule Page for current quarter classes, times and classroom assignments.

A set of Common Core tunes, as well as tunes to be learned during each quarter are posted to the website and there is a search facility available for the music archive. Anyone unable to download the tunes may request a CD from the school. We encourage students to download the files or listen to the CD and become as familiar as possible with the tunes by ear. The tunes are then taught slowly in class, along with style, ornamentation and phrasing.

Tuition and Payment Policies

Tuition for 10 weeks is $150 if you register BEFORE the registration cutoff date, which is seven days before the first class. There are reduced prices for multiple classes for a single student or multiple students in the same family.

If you register after the cutoff date, there is a $30 late fee for each class.
Late registration for the first class is $180.

With our increased enrollment the last couple of years, we have still been getting about a third of our registrations on the first day of class, many for returning students. Having so many late registrants show up that first day makes it quite difficult to plan and schedule. We strongly urge you to register before the penalty date as it makes it easier to arrange classes and times in addition to saving you money. Remember that our registration team members take classes and teach as well.

Still have questions?

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  • Call the school at (513) 549-3780
  • Send email to
  • Visit our Contact Page to send an email to a specific instructor

  • For additions or corrections to the website, please send email to .