Instrument Rental Policies

(As of September 2023)

Riley owned musical instruments will be made available for students to rent on a quarterly basis (four quarters including summer). Rental will be limited to currently enrolled Riley students on a first come, first served basis. Rental term is limited to two quarters if another student is on the wait list for the instrument, i.e. at the end of the 2nd quarter, if someone is waiting for the instrument, the person waiting has priority regardless of when they went on the wait list. The maximum time that a student can rent the instrument is three quarters, including summer. Rental over the summer is conditioned on enrollment as of the previous quarter and only at Riley teacher discretion. Each student is limited to one rental instrument per quarter.

A signed rental contract will be obtained for all rentals, including provisions that the renter is responsible for all damages and the replacement value of instrument if lost/stolen/damaged beyond repair or not returned at end of rental period. Contract will also indicate that the renter should obtain insurance on the instrument. A parent or guardian's signature is required on the contract for any student younger than 18 years old. Please contact if you have any questions about the instrument rental process.

For 2023/2024 school year rental amounts per quarter will be as outlined below. Amounts will not be prorated or refunded if instrument is not retained for entire school quarter. Contract to be signed and payment must be made on the first day of each quarter. Contracts are self renewing.

  • Instruments renting for $50 per quarter: Anglo concertina, practice uilleann pipes, flatsicle harp, grand harpsicle, and accordion (if any)
  • Instruments renting for $25 per quarter: Bodhrans, mandolins, tenor banjo, harpsicles, drum set

Donations of instruments will only be accepted by the school if the instrument is traditionally used in Irish music, is in usable condition and appropriate for a student as determined by the instrument’s Riley School teacher. Before accepting an instrument, we need confirmation that we have a caretaker, ideally the Riley teacher of the given instrument, willing to store, care for and manage the rental process.

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