Community Stewardship

The Riley School of Irish Music would have a hard time supporting our mission without its many stewards. We greatly appreciate any support our community has given, and we want to offer something in return. Our Community Stewardship program allows those who may not be taking classes to support the school and get a little something in return.

festival performance

Our minimum subscription is $50, but we welcome Stewards to give more as they are able.
Your Stewardship subscription is good for the full school quarter, and gives you and any other family members access to all Stewardship benefits.

Benefits for our Community Stewards:
  • You will be placed on our semester mailing list which will keep you up to date with the school's weekly activities
  • You will be invited to any workshops sponsored by the Riley School at no extra cost
  • The wonderful feeling of supporting our mission to bring Irish music and culture to the greater Cincinnati area

We encourage all our Stewards at any gift level to up their support by considering sharing their time and talents with volunteer opportunities. Please contact to learn how you can help.

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