Tune Notes - Winter 2022

The Crooked Road to Dublin/Donald Blue/The Musical Priest (reel)
The Musical Priest
Reel, B dorian
Also known as "An Sagart Ceolmhar", "The New Bridge Of Eden", "The New Bridge Of Erin".

A reel included in the collection of Francis O'Neill, Music of Ireland, in 1903. Source likely the Co Mayo fiddle player, John McFadden. Possibly referring to a young man from Caherciveen ordained to the priesthood in Maynooth, who would later become what Francis O'Neill described as a reverend musician - his name was Father Charles Brennan.

The Green Fields of Woodford/Whelan's Old Sow (jig)
The Green Fields of Woodford
Jig, G major
Also known as "Felix the Cat".

This jig is often associated with Bronx fluter Jack Coen, who is originally from Woodford, East Galway. Woodford is a village in the south-east of County Galway, Ireland. Its Irish Name, "Gráig na Muilte Iarainn" means "The Village of the Iron Mills". Woodford is situated between the Shannon River and the Slieve Aughty mountains.

Jack and Charlie Coen preserve the traditional music of County Galway on their album, The Branch Line (re-released on Green Linnet), with a sampling of traditional flute and concertina melodies. Jack remained an active musician, performing with Moloney's Irish American group The Green Fields of America. In 1991, Jack received a National Heritage Award from the National Endowment of the Arts.

Around the Fairy Fort/The New Broom (barndance)
Around the Fairy Fort
Barndance, D major
Also known as "The Fairy Fort".

A barndance composed by Vincent Broderick (1920-2008), born in Carramore, Bullan, Lough,Co. Galway 1920. Vincent won the All Ireland Flute completion in 1953 performing one of his own compositions and playing a self made copper pipe flute. He was an exponent of the East Galway flute style. This tune is often played with "The New Broom" (also a Vincent Broderick composition) as they were printed together in a book of transcriptions, The Turoe Stone (Waltons Publishing 1990), and were played as a set on the accompanying recording.

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